Sunday, October 03, 2010

Wellness Orientation Workshop

At our September 16th meeting we hosted Dr. Joe Greco, owner of Greco Family Chiropractic. “Dr Joe”, as he is commonly called, came to talk to the Lions about total overall wellness, and how chiropractic can help you achieve it.

The concept of wellness shouldn’t be thought of as purely a physical thing. Instead, wellness encompasses our habits, our behaviors, our emotions, our mental well-being, and the nutrients we put into our bodies.

Dr. Joe dispelled several commonly-held myths about chiropractic, and gave us an in-depth explanation of what chiropractic is and is not.

Instead of focusing on treatment of illnesses, as traditional medicine does, chiropractic aims to help you prevent illnesses in the first place, by changing your attitudes and habits, and by helping your nervous system to heal the rest of your body.

Most illnesses are preventable, says Dr. Joe. Why wait until an illness hits to take action? Taking control of your overall wellness now by learning healthy habits and a positive attitude, can reduce the likelihood of serious illness.

Dr. Joe’s office is located at 144 York Road in Warminster, just north of the intersection of York and County Line Roads. The phone number is 215-675-8009> and the website is

Dr. Joe agreed to host one of our eyeglass collection boxes! Thanks to Dr. Joe and the rest of his staff!


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