Sunday, October 03, 2010

Horsham Nonprofits Collaborate to Help

The Horsham Lions Club recently received a request for aid from a local single mom living in Horsham. Her son needs a hearing aid and their insurance will not cover the total cost.

The Lions were willing to contribute, but could not cover the total cost. So we reached out to the other nonprofits in Horsham, via the Nonprofit Roundtable organized by the Greater Horsham Chamber of Commerce. Could other nonprofits help contribute to cover the cost? Response was overwhelming. Not only did other nonprofits offer financial assistance, but private citizens also offered their help. Only three donors were needed to fill the gap.

Many thanks go to the Horsham Neighbors Association, neighbor Pete Choate, and a third donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Since requests for aid do come in regularly, and since so many more donors came forward with offers for aid, there are certainly going to be more opportunities to collaborate to help the residents of Horsham!


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