Sunday, October 31, 2010

Advanced Hearing Systems & Audibel

Representatives from Advanced Hearing Systems and Audibel were our guests at the October 7th Lions meeting. Pictured are Nancy Hilger and Pat Gilmartin. Ms. Hilger is a local representative for Audibel and Mr. Gilmartin is a regional representative. Audibel is a premier manufacturer of hearing aids, proudly serving patients for fifty years.

Mr. Gilmartin gave the club a very interesting presentation, starting with some basic facts and statistics about hearing loss in the US. Some interesting facts we learned:

  • 65% of Americans with hearing loss are YOUNGER than senior citizen age
  • Only 14% of primary care physicians routinely screen for hearing loss
  • Hearing aids can correct tinnitus immediately, even in those without hearing loss
  • 90% of hearing aid wearers report increased quality of life due to use
Mr. Gilmartin then went on to tell us how successful Audibel hearing aids have been in improving quality of life for those with hearing loss. The options and varieties of hearing aids are vast and varied. The functions available simply miraculous, thanks to nanotechnology and modern digital software.

He and Ms. Hilger have offered their advice, counseling, and service to those with hearing loss in our region. Ms. Hilger can be reached at 215-672-5041.


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