Saturday, March 03, 2012

Generosity Despite Loss

Meet Debbie Sharon and her daughter Misty.

Early in February, Debbie lost her husband Ralph to a brain tumor. No more than a week after his passing, she contacted the Horsham Lions Club to donate something very special.

You see, Ralph had been legally blind for many years. Over the years he had acquired several essential vision assistance tools to help him through everyday life. Debbie wanted to make sure these tools were donated to someone who would benefit from them.

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One of the tools Ralph used, shown at left, was a "video magnifier". A book is placed under a special lens, and the image is magnified and displayed on a television attached to the device.

For Ralph, this device was a tremendous help.

Debbie contacted us to make sure that his magnifier would not go to waste, and would be able to help others with severe vision impairment.

After making several phone calls, we found a fantastic new home for Ralph's trusty magnifier. The Montgomery County Association for the Blind (MCAB), located in North Wales, has a program in which devices such as this are loaned out to vision-impaired residents of Montgomery County. The loaner program is so popular, that as soon as a device is returned to MCAB headquarters, another individual requests one. The Horsham Lions will be delivering Ralph's magnifier to MCAB this week.

The Sharon family also donated a large-print dictionary, and special extremely high-powered eyeglasses. The Horsham Lions found a home for the dictionary with the Horsham Township Library. The eyeglasses were given to Horsham ophthalmologist Dr. Dave McPhillips of Primary Eye Care Associates. Dr. McPhillips told us that as chance would have it, one of his patients was sorely in need of eyeglasses like this, and insurance would not cover it. We were pleased that the eyeglasses have found a new home this way.

Lastly, we'd like to thank the Sharon family for their generosity despite their recent loss. All of us respect their courage and strength to seek new homes for these tools, so soon after such a great loss.

*** UPDATE 3/9/2012 ***

The device was dropped off at MCAB on Thursday March 8th. Picutred above are MCAB administrative director David Sherwin, and administrative assistant Deena Laver.

MCAB was expecting one or more groups to come tour their offices on the 8th and 9th, and chose to leave the CCTV set up in their lobby area for the groups to see. The CCTV will be put into circulation immediately afterward.


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