Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dunk Tank VICTIMS Wanted!

The Horsham Lions Club is in need of VICTIMS to sit in our Dunk Tank on Horsham Day, June 4th.

  • Kids, wouldn't you love to dunk your teacher or principal?
  • Teachers, step in the tank as an incentive for your kids to do extra credit.
  • Officers, dunk your lieutenant!
  • Dunk your boss, neighbor, or mother-in-law!
  • Last year, you could dunk a lawyer!
  • Make a wager with a friend, the loser goes in the tank.
  • Is it a sin if you dunk a priest, minister, or rabbi?

So here's what you have to do:

Figure out who you want to dunk. ANNOY THEM until they agree to sit in the tank.

Then, have them contact the Horsham Lions Club at Andy@HorshamLions.comor 267-714-8884.

Need some ammunition to get them to agree? Tell them about the Horsham Lions. We are a nonprofit, all of us are volunteering our time to raise funds for the blind and sight-impaired. We help buy seeing-eye dogs, we help pay for eyeglasses and eye surgeries. We give scholarships every year to community-minded students who are active volunteers. Just half an hour in the tank can raise money to help all these causes.

Click Here to see photos of our 2010 Dunk Tank Victims. Click Here to see photos of our 2009 Dunk Tank Victims. Click Here to see photos of our 2008 Dunk Tank Victims.


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