Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Membership Night!

Save the date! Thursday, January 20th, 2011 we will hold our 159th annual Membership Night at TNT Amusements in Southampton, owned by Lion Todd Tuckey.
See the attached flyer. Last year we had a great time playing all the old pinball games, listening to the old jukebox, and enjoying snacks and drinks with folks from the community. We even snagged a new member or two from the event!
All are welcome. The entrance fee is to sit and listen to me talk about what Lions are about, and why you should be one! (Without making goofy faces!)
Please RSVP if you can make it!

Click Here for the Flyer
Thanks to everyone who came out for our 2011 Membership Night!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Cow Plop Bingo Tickets Available!

The Nonprofit Roundtable in conjunction with the Greater Horsham Chamber of Commerce will be conducting a Cow Plop Bingo at the next Horsham Day. All nonprofits who are members of the Nonprofit Roundtable are invited to participate in the planning and selling tickets, and may thus share in the proceeds.

What is cow plop bingo? Simple. A grid is laid out across an empty field. Bingo players purchase tickets, each assigned to a specific square on the grid. A cow is released onto the field. Wherever the cow “plops”, the ticket holder for that square wins!

Tickets are now available! Every $10 ticket holder has the chance to win $1,000 at one of three cow-plop events during the day.

LIONS: The fundraising profit from this ticket sale is potentially tremendous. For every $10 ticket you sell, the club will get back up to $9. What other fundraiser have we done where the profit margin is 90%? So come to the next meeting on January 6th, get a handful of tickets, and do your best to sell them!

Upcoming Speakers

Please contact us if you'd like to attend either of these speaker meetings!

Our February 3rd guest speaker will be a representative from PECO to discuss their Smart Ideas program, which helps customers reduce their energy usage.
Our March 3rd guest speaker will be a representative from Visiting Angels. The topic will be elder care, including how to elder‐proof your home for safety, and ways to get support when you need it.

Pride of Scottsdale Lions

We finally got around to emptying our eyeglass collection box located at the Days Inn front desk, and what do we find at the very bottom? We found a Lions business card left there by Lion Bill Keyburn from the Pride of Scottsdale Lions Club back in April!

Apparently Lion Bill had been a guest staying at the hotel in April, and saw our collection box. His note on the back of the card said he was sorry he missed our meeting. We’ve written to the Arizona club and thanked him for the surprise note left in our box.

Would you like some Horsham Lions business cards to hand out during your travels? We have hundreds left, professionally designed and printed on durable laminated cardstock. Just ask Andy or Tara for a handful!

Click for Pride of Scottsdale Lions Website

NYT Article on Low Vision

A tip-of-the-hat goes to Lion Tom Burgess for bringing this New York Times article to our attention.

From the December 27th issue, comes an article titled “Just Because One’s Vision is Waning, Hope Doesn’t Have To”. It’s a very inspiring article encouraging those with vision problems to keep striving for solutions that work for them. There are many tools and tips that people simply don’t know about, such as injections or stem cell therapy. The medical community appears to do a lot to prevent or cure blindness, but little to assist those with low‐vision problems.

The article goes on to report that unfortunately, insurance coverage is lacking in the area of vision disabilities. Coverage and support is more available for veterans than for nonveterans.


Ron Mintz

This photo of Ron comes to us from Hazel Downes, his longtime friend. She asked us to share this photo with you.

Click for the full-size photo

We’ve received notes of sympathy from various friends of Ron’s via email. Thank you to all for sharing your memories with us.

2010 Christmas Party


Here is just one (blurry) photo of about a dozen taken the night of our 2010 Christmas Party. Full size images can be found HERE

We had 17 Lions in attendance, and with spouses the headcount came to more than 25. The room was tiny but we all got cozy and had a great time.

District Governor John Holland was our guest speaker. He came to praise us for continued growth, and introduce his governor’s project, providing needed “comfort supplies” for our troops in the Middle East.

The “Happiest Couple” award goes to Todd & Pam Tuckey, below!

THANKS to Days Inn for hosting our meetings, and for spearheading the Toys for Tots campaign!