Sunday, January 02, 2011

Cow Plop Bingo Tickets Available!

The Nonprofit Roundtable in conjunction with the Greater Horsham Chamber of Commerce will be conducting a Cow Plop Bingo at the next Horsham Day. All nonprofits who are members of the Nonprofit Roundtable are invited to participate in the planning and selling tickets, and may thus share in the proceeds.

What is cow plop bingo? Simple. A grid is laid out across an empty field. Bingo players purchase tickets, each assigned to a specific square on the grid. A cow is released onto the field. Wherever the cow “plops”, the ticket holder for that square wins!

Tickets are now available! Every $10 ticket holder has the chance to win $1,000 at one of three cow-plop events during the day.

LIONS: The fundraising profit from this ticket sale is potentially tremendous. For every $10 ticket you sell, the club will get back up to $9. What other fundraiser have we done where the profit margin is 90%? So come to the next meeting on January 6th, get a handful of tickets, and do your best to sell them!


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