Sunday, June 27, 2010

Horsham Day 2010 Recap

A fun time was had by all at Horsham Day 2010. We sold more roast pork sandwiches than last year, and we sold ice cream novelties in place of water ice.

All told we earned just a smidgen less than last year. The day was hot, which probably turned away some visitors. We also were competing with carnivals or fairs in two neighboring communities on the same day. Regardless, we now have another $2,000 to put towards the community, and for that we should all be proud!

We also had more than a dozen helpers from the Hatboro-Horsham High School on hand, which allowed some of our hard-working Lions to take a break for a short while. High school volunteers we wish to thank:

  • Carolyn Walker
  • Rachel McMahon
  • Mariah Duff
  • Christine Sferco
  • Katie Flynn
  • Krista Saunders
  • Christine Suh
  • Audrey Laurito
  • Emily Marvin
  • Jenny Jung
  • Sarah Alexander
  • Adam Blickley
  • Jill Larivee
  • Sriram Vaddempudi
  • Raghu Vaddempudi

By far, the most profitable part of the day was again the Dunk Tank. We had eleven courageous victims to sit in the dunk tank, including two Girl Scouts, three members of the Hatboro-Horsham Educational Foundation, and none other than Horsham Police Lieutenant Jon Clark.

Thanks to our brave dunk tank victims:

  • Isabella Delp
  • Tammy Tuckey
  • Jim Knopf
  • Lucy Troutman
  • John Mavrakis
  • Nikki Conner
  • Wayne Graver
  • Jessica Bornstein
  • Jake King
  • Lt. Jon Clark
  • Rob Trumpler

CLICK HERE To see the 2010 Dunk Tank Photos

for donating our roast pig!


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