Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Horsham Lions Membership Night

Many thanks to Lion Todd Tuckey for hosting our annual membership night at TNT Amusements this year.

About a dozen Lions came out for a fun night of pinball and arcade games, and we had about five guests who came to learn a little bit about Lions. Guest or Lion, all had a great time.

Pictured here are Lions Bart Allgeier and Larry Glemser testing their mettle on TNT's dancing machine. Says Larry, "I'll take two of these".

Friday, January 08, 2010

Guest Speaker David Galiani, January 7th 2010

Dr. David Galiani, local ophthalmologist, was our guest speaker at our January 7th meeting.  Dr. Galiani and his colleage, Dr. Christine Smith, have both helped us help the blind in this area.

Drs. Galiani and Smith, along with Dr. Laura Walsh, operate Galiani Ophthalmology Associates in Doylestown.  Dr. Galiani performed cataract surgeries for a local resident who could not afford them.  He has offered his expertise to the Lions, should we find other local residents in need.

Many thanks to Dr. Galiani for educating us on the many functions of the eye and the many technologies available today to assist doctors in caring for our eyes.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Girl Scouts Collect Eyeglasses!

We only had one Girl Scout troop participate in Sight Night this fall, but that one troop did fantastic.  Altogether, the small troop collected 227 pairs of eyeglasses for the Horsham Lions!

Hatboro Troop 73467, led by Jennifer Crosby, has participated with the Lions in Sight Night for four straight years now.

The Horsham Lions visited the troop, explained why we recycle eyeglasses, and explained how their effort will help people SEE.  Join us in thanking Jennifer and her troop for their work!