Friday, July 17, 2009

Horsham Day 2009

Our Horsham Day 2009 fundraiser was a tremendous success, we earned more money this year than in any year past. This is a pretty amazing statement, considering we sold out of roast pork by 6pm.

(Lion John Campisi with the remains of our roast pork)

Thanks to all the Lions who planned, prepared, and worked hard on Horsham Day (hope I didn't leave anyone out)  :

John Bill                  
John Campisi
Jim Faber
Larry Glemser
Joe Nemath
Tara Smith      
Shirley Truver
Ted Truver
Joe Turchi
Don Edmunds
Todd Tuckey

A HUGE THANKS also goes out to the high school volunteers we had, from both Hatboro Horsham High School as well as Abington High School:

Lauren Purvis                 
Tyler Martin
George Jiruska
Ashley O'Connell
Liz Calvin                  
Carolyn Walker
Matt Forman
Lisa Young
Robert Martinelli     
Mary Kate Suhy
Shannon Stemler
Maria Ohrenrich

Another HUGE THANKS goes out to Sam Braccia for graciously donating our roast pig for yet another year. Sam is one class act.
This year we partnered with Tori's Gourmet Water Ice, who sold ice cream as well as water ice at Horsham Day. The people at Tori's were kind enough to donate a portion of their profits for the day to the Horsham Lions Club. This was IN ADDITION to a very generous sponsorship donation we received from Tori's.

FINALLY we'd like to thank the following two local businesses, who sponsored the event for our club in the form of donations or services:

Nemath Building Services
SmithPrints, Inc.


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