Monday, October 27, 2008

Representative Tom Murt Visits

During our October 16th meeting, State Representative Tom Murt visited our club.

The representative is running for re-election this fall in the 152nd district. The Lions thank Representative Murt for coming to meet the Lions and exchange ideas.

The representative hopes his prior two years on the job will encourage voters to re-elect him. He's done many things over his short career as elected official, all of which he is very proud of.

His office is the busiest state representative office in the Pennsylvania. He's fought for legislation to help families with Autistic and special-needs children, as well as legislation that helps adults with Autism, Tourettes, and other special needs. He's helped parents fight for funding and services from their local school districts.

He's worked to get several historical markers placed around Hatboro, including bids to erect memorials for Vietnam and Korean War veterans. He's also started a "Visiting Santa" program, where the representative (dressed as Santa Claus!) comes to visit children who may not be able to get to the shopping malls in order to tell Santa their wish lists.

Tom is a local guy, who knows the area very well. He's a teacher. He's also a member of the Army Reserve, and has served in Iraq with his reserve unit. We found him down-to-earth and easy to talk to, and genuinely eager to help his community. We thank him again for the visit.

*** CLICK HERE for Tom Murt's Website ***


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