Friday, September 19, 2008

Todd Stephens Visits

During our September 18th meeting, candidate
Todd Stephens visited our club.

Todd is running for State Representative this fall in the 151st district. The Lions thank Todd for filling in as a guest speaker at the last minute, due to a cancellation.

Todd spoke to us primarily about the fate of the Willow Grove Air Base, which is of great concern to all Horsham residents. He urges us as citizens to fight for our right to have a say in the fate of the property that is in our very backyards.

He also spoke about the importance of legislation and funding for schools and roads, "Education and Transportation", which are clearly very important issues to Todd. He also aims to do his best to reform our government in Harrisburg, and fix many of the activities and habits that have persisted for years yet make no common sense.

Todd is a local guy, born and raised in Horsham. He's personable and friendly, vibrant and witty. We thank him for the visit.

*** CLICK HERE for Todd Stephens' Website ***



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