Friday, August 29, 2008

Upcoming Guest Speakers

It's going to be a busy fall schedule for the Horsham Lions!
  • Colonel Comtois from the Willow Grove Air Base is coming to speak to us during our October 2nd dinner meeting. He will be briefing us on the fate of the air base. Our air show parking fundraiser is our key fundraiser, so the potential loss of the air base is important to the Lions.
  • Representative Tom Murt (R) is coming to speak to us during our October 16th dinner meeting.
You don't have to be a member to attend these meetings. Just contact us, and let us know you're coming! Click Here for full information on our meetings.

Roh-Max Donates MORE Eyeglasses

Horsham-based chemical services company Roh-Max (aka Evonik) dropped off YET ANOTHER whole box of used eyeglasses. They’ve hosted one of our collection boxes since March, and have donated over 100 pair so far. Join us in thanking them for helping others to SEE. If you know Ralph Rondeau, give him a pat on the back! Great job!!