Monday, October 22, 2007

Proud To Be A Lion

This letter comes from Mr. John Campisi, who has been a member of the Horsham Lions Club for more than 25 years.

It was a sunny day, when while cleaning out my car, I was approached by my neighbor, John Bill. He asked me if I was interested in joining the Horsham Lions Club. I then asked him what they do, and he said the Lions run events to raise funds to help the blind, needy families, handicapped persons, and others. I told him I was interested and would let him know. My past has been with the Knights of Columbus where we also prepared dinners for the needy.

After attending the Lions dinner meeting, which I enjoyed, I decided to join the organization. Around a year later, I was helping John Bill deliver boxes of food to needy families. I found that members were giving their best to put together different events to raise money. In doing so, we were also socializing with each other and our spouses and families through events such as scholarship dinner night. It was great.

Our meetings are held at Williamsons Restaurant the first and third Thursday of each month. If, by chance, there are others out there who feel like I do, why not join the organization and give a little time and effort to those who are in need?

It has been more than 25 years now that I have been helping others through my work with the Horsham Lions Club. They awarded me with a Melvin Jones Fellowship Award, which is the highest award one can get. Believe me, I cried.

The Horsham Lions have several fundraising events such as a golf outing at Commonwealth National Golf Club, and a collection on White Cane Day. We also park cars during the annual Willow Grove air show, and hold events to benefit the Little League, drug abuse awareness, Wills Eye Hospital, and youth outreach programs.

There's an old saying: "Me, Myself, and I." I only wish that there was a way we could each do three times as much as we do now . I could go on and on about what the Horsham Lions Club does. Again, I am proud to be a small part of what the organization has done and will continue to do.

If you are not able to join our organization, or to help out in any way, a prayer for us would be appreciated. God bless you, and may you stay healthy.

John Campisi, past president


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