Friday, June 08, 2007

Horsham Day Fundraiser

Another Horsham Day has come and gone! The Horsham Lions sold roast pork sandwiches, home made ice cream, bottled water, and canned sodas as a fundraiser during Horsham Day. The weather was hot, which helped us sell the drinks and ice cream faster than ever before. Whereas last year we were giving away left over pork and ice cream, this year we sold out long before the fireworks began.

Many thanks to the Lions and friends who came to help out: John Bill, Joe Nemath, Carlo Logiovine, Elena Logiovine, Tara Smith, Ted Truver, Shirley Truver, Fred Stewart, Phil Amoa, and Lauren Kraske. Special thanks go again to Lion Sam Braccia for donating our roast pig, and to Ivan Stoltzfus for coming all the way from Lancaster to make our ice cream.

Thanks also go to Williamson's restaurant for donating ice, and to Lion Larry Glemser for the use of his pickup truck.

Your efforts helped us raise money that will be used throughout the year to help the vision and hearing impaired in our community!



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