Thursday, November 30, 2006

Girl Scouts Collect Eyeglasses

(Brownie Troop 434 - click for larger image)

On Halloween this year, girls from three local Brownie Girl Scout troops collected more than candy during Trick-or-Treat.

The troops partnered with the Horsham Lions Club to collect used eyeglasses. The girls handed out flyers to houses in their neighborhoods a week before Halloween. The flyers told the neighbors that the girls will be visiting during Trick-or-Treat on Halloween night to collect eyeglasses.

Each troop accumulated more than 130 pairs of eyeglasses and gave them to the Horsham Lions Club. The Lions will then have the eyeglasses cleaned, repaired, and redistributed to those in need in developing countries like Guatemala and Haiti.

In total, more than FIVE HUNDRED pairs were collected.

The troops that participated were:

  • Brownie Troop 434 (Blair Mill Elementary) led by Kellie Lavery
  • Brownie Troop 1203 (Simmons Elementary) led by Tina Santacroce
  • Brownie Troop 1204 (Simmons Elementary) led by Amy Hill

The Horsham Lions thanks all three troops for their generous effort at helping Lions to preserve sight worldwide.

(Brownie Troop 1203 - click for larger image)

(Brownie Troop 1204 - click for larger image)


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