Monday, June 19, 2006

Air Show Parking - June 17th & 18th 2006

Words cannot describe how pleased I am with this year's Air Show fundraiser.

Without a doubt we took in more proceeds than ever before. We parked close to 1,700 vehicles over the course of two days, and sold close to 600 drinks.

Many, many thanks go to three volunteers from the Special Equestrians organization.  A heartfelt thanks also goes to Ms. Susan Glover from a local Girl Scout troop for volunteering as well.

The largest thanks of all goes to Mrs. Janet Hankin, who once again graciously permitted the Horsham Lions to park cars on her property. Mrs. Hankin has always been a tremendous asset to the Lions, and we thank her dearly.

Photos from the event can be seen by Clicking Here, and you can see a short movie of the Thunderbirds flying over our parking lot if you Click Here.


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