Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Katrina and Tsunami Relief

Did you know that Lions Clubs have contributed $20 million toward the recovery efforts for Tsunami victims and those affected by hurricane Katrina?

You probably did not, likely because Lions feel that "tooting our own horn" isn't as important as getting the job done.  I've got a problem with this attitude.  No, there's really no need to buy commercial airtime just to advertise our deeds, but we should be proud nonetheless, and we should show that pride so that we can attract new members.  Without letting the community know about our actions, how can they feel good contributing to our organization, either with their time or their money?

And so, I recommend you read the two stories linked to below.  Remember, Lions Clubs are the largest service organization worldwide.  Larger than Kiwanis.  Larger than Rotary.  We have every reason to be proud of our efforts.

Maybe reading the stories below will encourage you to learn more about us.  If so, we welcome you to contact us or show up at a meeting.

Lions Helping Katrina Victims

Lions Helping Tsunami Victums


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