Thursday, July 28, 2005

Scholarship Recipients

In July 2005, the Horsham Lions Club presented $1,000 scholarships to three seniors, and $2,000 to one senior from the Hatboro Horsham High School, totaling $5,000 in scholarships.

Pictured below (L to R): Rebecca Smith, Laura Blyler, Matthew Mockaitis, Timothy Bostwick. Click photo for larger image.

The club strives to present several scholarships to local students each year, in an effort to assist in furthering the education of community-minded young adults. The students were chosen anonymously, and the choice was made not only on academic merit, but on the level of community and humanitarian involvement the students displayed.

Since beginning the scholarship program, the Horsham Lions Club has presented more than $130,000 in scholarship money to local students.

Pictured with each student below is Lions Club Scholarship Committee Chairman Joe Nemath

Click photo for larger image.

Rebecca Smith, pictured above with her parents Michael and Tara, will attend the University of Pittsburgh, and will study statistics and biology, and later move on to medicine at Cornell. Rebecca has been extremely active in Girl Scouts for 14 years, and has participated in numerous service activities as a result. She's sought out leadership responsibilities during that time as well. In addition, she has helped at her church youth group as well as at a retirement community.

Click photo for larger image.

Laura Blyler, pictured above with her parents Brenda and George, will attend American University to study International Service and German. She plans to join the Peace Corps in the future. She was a member of the Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership (which partners with the Lions). Laura has strong international aid and leadership concerns. She has even volunteered to answer phones for radio fund drives, and work at a homeless shelter.

Click photo for larger image.

Matthew Mockaitis, pictured above with his parents Janice and Dennis, will attend Syracuse University to study Civil Engineering, Political Science, and perhaps Law. He has a strong desire to build and strengthen inner city communities with his skills. He's been active in school sports, and has volunteered for a wide range of services including Special Olympics, Juvenile Diabetes, food drives, soup kitchens, and others.

Click photo for larger image.

Timothy Bostwick, pictured above with his parents Ken and Roxanne, will attend an arts college in Florida, and will study recording arts and the music industry. Timothy works part time during school. He is very active in his church, and participates in quite a few programs there, including hospice and youth group ministry. He is also very active in many band organizations at school.

Miss Smith received the sole $2,000 scholarship, which was named in memory of Max Hankin, longtime Horsham entrepreneur and participant in the Lions Club. His widow Janet still helps the Lions in our cause by permitting use of her property to park cars during air shows. Without Mrs. Hankin's support, and the hard work of our members during fundraisers, scholarships such as these would not be possible. Please come learn more about the Lions, come attend one of our meetings, and come see why our motto is "We Serve".

Please join the Lions in congratulating these students and encouraging their continued growth!


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