Saturday, June 04, 2005

Horsham Day Fundraising

Hats off to Lion Sam Braccia for arranging a spectacular pig roast fundraiser for Horsham Day this year.

Elda, Sam, and Joe

Sam arrived early on Saturday with a freshly roasted pig, ready for carving. Everything necessary for a pig roast was taken care of by Sam: rolls, napkins, dishes, forks, sodas, ice, coolers, hot-pots, knives. In true Braccia style, Sam single-handedly made this day a success.

Sam's wife Betty and their friend Elda (direct from Italy!) were on hand all day to help serve sandwiches. If pork wasn't your thing, you could always linger and listen to the Italian that was flowing all afternoon.

Thanks to the following Lions who were on hand to help:

Sam Braccia    Joe Nemath   John Bill  
Ted Truver   Steve Girone   Bob Coyle  
Larry Glemser   Andy Weiss     

(am I forgetting anyone?)

Plenty of people asked where the pig came from, and who cooked it. The pig was supplied and cooked by Esposito's, located in south Philly. Their number is 215-271-8418.

Thanks also go to Lion John Campisi for printing up Golf Outing brochures for us to hand out during the day.

Click on each of the photos below for a larger version.

Betty Chef Sam

John & Steve Our Distinguished Guest


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