Saturday, June 11, 2005

Children's Eye Screening

Horsham Lions Club conducted free children's Eye Screenings on Saturday June 11th at St. Catherine's church.  Several other clubs, including Willow Grove and Hatboro, assisted us.

Many children, especially young ones, cannot tell us if they are having vision problems. The eye screenings help identify children with potential vision problems.

Screenings consisted of a special photograph of the child's eyes. Trained optometrists examine the photographs to determine possible vision problems. If the doctor feels a child needs to see an optometrist, the parents are notified.

These screenings were done free of charge.  Your donations, as always, allow us to do things like this.  Purchase of the camera, film, and accessories were only possible thanks to the community's donations.

Above are some photos of Lion John Bill operating the special camera, and two of the children who received screenings that day (including Kyle Myers who attends Keith Valley Middle School). Click on each for a larger version.


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