Monday, May 30, 2005

Air Show Parking Fundraiser

In a word, we did FANTASTIC this weekend.

Thanks to all the Lions who came out to help:

Carlo Logiovine   Sam Braccia   Steve Girone  
Jules Olita   Larry Glemser   Ted Truver  
Jim Doherty   John Bill   Andy Weiss  
Bill Donnely   Joe Nemath      

Thanks also go out to Special Equestrians (click for website), who sent two very helpful ladies (Anne and Sherri) to assist us on Saturday.

Thanks go to Bill Rech (pictured below), a local high school student who asked to volunteer this weekend. Bill is the younger brother of a former Lions Scholarship recipient.

Last but not least, tremendous thanks go again to Mrs. Janet Hankin, for graciously allowing us to make use of her property for this fundraiser.

Click on each of the photos below for a larger version.

Steve Girone Ted Truver Jules Olita
Bill Rech Andy Weiss Clockwise from upper left: Joe Nemath, Jim Doherty, John Bill, Larry Glemser