Thursday, April 21, 2005

District Governor Visit

At our April 21st meeting we were pleased to be host to not only three other Lions clubs (Glenside, Abington, Jenkintown), but also District 14-R Governor Donna M. Law.

Lion Donna has been both a Lion and a Lioness. She received the Melvin Jones award in March 2004. Her rapid rise to District Governor has been well deserved. She looks back on her year as governor with pride and satisfaction, and has accumulated many ideas during the year which she will now be able to carry out once her successor becomes governor.

In addition to her message to our clubs, Ms. Law had several accolades to hand out that night:

  • The Pennsylvania College of Optometry Campus now has a Lions Club of its own, sponsored by the Jenkintown club, with Ms. Law overseeing the process and lending support.
  • Glenside Lion Robert Jenkins was recognized for 50 years of service to Lions.
  • Glenside Lion Bernie Super was recognized for 45 years of service to Lions.
  • Glenside Lion George Barnhart was recognized for 30 years of service to Lions.
  • Mr. Barnhart was also given the “Life Member” award.
  • Pennsylvania State Representative Josh Shapiro (pictured with sponsor Tom Moore) was inducted as a new member to the Glenside Lions.

Ms. Law then spoke about her theme this year, “Teamwork plus Participation equals Success”. The simple message is often forgotten. We were reminded to recall our many successes in order to boost morale and to encourage a positive outlook for the future.

Regardless of the district’s “transitional” label, we are still the only district with membership growth, and we are always #1 or #2 in the world for donations. So despite the membership count being 300 below the recommended 1,250, we still excel and prove our worth and our dedication. Our worldwide recognition is proof enough of that, and doing more with fewer people should be praised.

Other district accomplishments include sponsoring a new Leo club, and working on sponsoring two additional Leo clubs. Ms. Law encouraged us to focus on these Leos, because they are the Lions’ future.

Lastly, we were reminded what the Lion logo means. The two lions are not just decorative. One faces the past with pride of accomplishment. The other faces the future with enthusiasm and sense of purpose.


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